Hey Folks!!!

At this time of year I am on the road constantly vending at on place or another. Bliss!!!

If you are visiting purplemoon to place an order we totally appreciate that. We welcome your business.

I will not be shipping steadily again until I return from the current run of shows that ends with
Phases of the Moon on September 14.
I hope to be able to ship on a few of the off days in between.

If you need your order shipped before then, please don't place it. It makes us really unhappy to disappoint anyone!

If you can wait, go ahead, make our day and we promise to get to you in turn as quickly as we can.

I hope you are having a GREAT summer and that you are out there enjoying the show. If you are, stop by and see us!!! We'd love to meet you!!!

****MOEDOWN**** 8/29-8/31 (Naytures Empire booth)

****Lock'n**** 9/4-9/7 (Dead Images booth)

****Phases of the Moon**** 9/12-9/14 (Naytures Empire booth)

peace and love always ~ please send good vibes to Bobby ~


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Dichroic Glass
pendants, earrings
& barrettes

Solid Sterling Silver
necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, toe rings
Sterling Fairy Jewelry
gift sets
peace jewelry - peace pin - give peace a chance
Peace Jewelry
necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, pins & pet tags

Beach Jewelry

necklaces, rings, earrings,
bracelets, anklets, toe rings

Crystal Charm Earrings

Glass & Crystals Earrings

Grateful Dead Jewelry
necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings
pins, buttons, body jewelry

Sterling & Steel
Body Jewelry


Stainless Steel Jewelry
necklaces, bracelets & rings

Rock & Roll Jewelry
necklaces, rings, pins,
earrings & bracelets
Leather, Hemp, Mixed Metals,
Stone, Wood, Glass & Fimo Jewelry


Mixed Metals Bracelets
Copper, Brass & Silver

Glass & Crystal
Wine Jewelry
guitar string bracelets
Pride Jewelry
necklaces, rings, pins,
earrings & bracelets

Fantasy & Music Magnets

Fantasy Bookmarkers

All Occasion Art Cards

Embroidered Patches
grateful dead bean bears
Grateful Dead
Bean Bears


Peace, Love & Spirituality Stickers

Grateful Dead Stickers

Fantasy & Celtic Stickers

Skull & Beach Stickers

Music Stickers

Earth and Sky Stickers


 Sophie B. Hawkins photos
Sophie B. Hawkins
Tori Amos photos
Tori Amos
Stevie Nicks photos
Stevie Nicks &
Fleetwood Mac
Sheryl Crow photos
Sheryl Crow
Melissa Etheridge photos
Melissa Etheridge
Jerry Garcia &
The Grateful Dead



The Animal Crew  would love to meet you 

The Bus Kitties  would love to meet you too!


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