Tara Willow

Deep beneath the silent streams
In fertile gardens of our dreams
There shines a mirror pool serene
Reflecting forth the goddess green.

Upon its banks a willow grows
Her branches bent in feathered boughs
And when the wind wails soft and slow
She drinks the waters from below.

Tara Willow
In the hollow
Quench your thirst
And heal all sorrow.

Compassion roots draw up pooled pain
A hollowed bowl of earth remains
She breathes through leaves a cleansing rain
That fills the empty pool again.

Weeping willow
Heal thy hollow
Shed soft tears on a lotus pillow.

Thus purified the waters shine
And suns and moons and stars align
Revealing sacred art designs
O, Creative Universe Divine!

Holy willow
Humble, hollow
Heal all hurt
That hearts may follow

............By Daryl Simmons