Stevie Nicks
Millennium Holiday Tour

~ original art by Stevie Nicks ~
This drawing appeared on the official T-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs sold on the Holiday Tour.

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New Year's Eve 1999 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada
the last Stevie show of the 20th century...

story and color advertisement from SHOWBIZ magazine

House of Blues at Mandalay Bay

Stevie Nicks New Year's Eve tickets

here are some of the roses that Stevie gave to the audience before she started the show...

Gold Dust Woman
Gold and Braid
Rooms on Fire


# 43383

Stevie rings in the New Year 2000! She was laughing and clapping and cheering as loud as the rest of us!

At midnight confetti shot up from two 'cannons' located on either side of the stage.
I saw a guy placing what looked like a long leaf blower above the stage before the show.
This blower kept the confetti swirling around the stage and the intimate crowd for what seemed like a really loooong time.

# 43384 - unfortunatley this pic is grainy and not very clear :(

# 43386

Stevie was laughing and playing in the confetti, the band and everyone in the audience was wooooohhhhhhoooooing and banging their tambourines and hugging each other!!!

# 43387

Then someone started trying to sing "Auld Lang Syne" and we tried to join in and Stevie did too, but many of didn't know all the words and so we just woooooohhhhhhooooooed the lines we forgot....

# 43388

When Stevie came back onstage in her 'Stand Back' shawl, the confetti was still swirling around in the air!

# 43389

'Stand Back' was the first song of the New Year. Stevie did a HUGE high kick in the middle!

# 43390

# 43391 - this picture is only available framed

# 43392

# 43393

# 43394

# 43396

# 43397

# 43398

# 43399

# 43401 - unfortunatley this pic is grainy and not very clear :(

Stevie smiles as she leaves the stage for a short break...

# 43402


# 43403

# 43404

# 43405

# 43406

# 43407

# 43408

# 43409

# 43410

"Will you take me with you to the sky..."

# 43411

Whole Lotta Trouble

# 43412

# 43413

Stevie plays a little air guitar....

# 43414

# 43415

# 43416

# 43417

# 43418

Landslide (no pics)

# 43427 - this picture is only available framed

"Just like the white wing dove..."

Right before Edge of Seventeen on this most special of nights, Stevie dressed in a gorgeous new outfit of creamy chiffon and burn-out velvet. She looked superb and was positively glowing! The bodice had a low cut sweetheart neckline and fit her every curve. It looked to be made of a ribbed stretch fabric. The 3/4 sleeves were not loose, but fit snug on her arms. There were 3-4 inch strands of silver tube beads sewn around each cuff and the strands of beads surrounded her small arms with in a shimmering liquid fringe. The skirt was three layers, a layer of burnout velvet with a teardrop/paisley type pattern over another layer of burnout velvet with a spotted pattern, and under it all, yards and yards of sheer floaty cream chiffon. The burnout velvets were whisper soft and flowing, with a slightly iridecent sheen. Stevie wore her sheer white chiffon shawl with gold specks and butter soft cream suede platform boots to complete the look. Her only remaining black accessories were her wide black iris beaded crystal bracelet and black velvet pouch at her waist that held her ear monitor.

# 43419

# 43420 - this picture is only available framed

# 43421

# 43422

# 43423

# 43424

# 43425

# 43426

# 43428

# 43429

" I hear you in the morning... and I hear you at night time... "

# 43430

She reaches out to us during Edge of Seventeen...

# 43431

# 43432

# 43433

# 43434

Stevie thanks us for celebrating the New Millennium with her....

# 43435

# 43436

# 43437

For "I Need to Know" Stevie slipped into her black coat with tails. She played her black tambourine for this song only.

# 43438

# 43439 this picture is only available framed

# 43440

# 43441

# 43442

# 43443 this picture is only available framed

Stevie kicks her heels up and has a great time during "I Need to Know"

# 43444

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You...

# 43445

# 43446

# 43448

Stevie flirts with us, showing a little leg (boot that is) as she and her band prepare to take a final bow...

# 43449

# 43450

# 43447

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 Photo scrapbook from January 3, 2000

more Stevie Nicks photos from days gone by...

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