Bus Kitties Cruise into Week 5

Today we had the great good luck to have had contact with a very kind woman at the SPCA. We told her the story of the "bus kitties" and she asked what colors they are, and then took our phone number. We couldn't believe it when the phone rang not more than an hour later. It was a very kind woman who had happened to call the SPCA looking for a kitten. One thing led to another and we are happy to announce that two of the beautiful bus kitties have found a wonderful home with a great family not far from where we live. Sherrie and her family including Shane, Cameron and Kathryn have decided to adopt Oreo (the kitty formerly known as Jerry) and Thomas J. O'Malley! It is very kind of them to open their home to two of these baby kittens. And so great for the brothers to be able to find a home where they can grow up together. We are so excited! Sherrie and her family are so happy to be adding two new members to their family that already includes fish and dogs...but no kitties! We thank them and Calliope thanks them! And most of all the bus kitties thank them. We are taking good care of these babies until they are ready to head off for their new homes in about two weeks! We hope someone else will find room in their heart to adopt one...or two!


As they race into week five, we find that these kitties get more and more active. They are mostly kept in their kitty playpen that we built for them from clean boxes found at the Post Office (thank you USPS for your contribution). They are perfect height and they stick together easily. To give the kitties some exercise when they are in the box, we built lots of cubby holes from Coke boxes and some ramps that they use like a sliding board. They have a great time in a world that we built for them out of cardboard and tape and towels that is in our office! And we also get to have a great time watching them do cat stuff!

Oreo looks on as his siblings use the sliding board


Ellen takes his very first drink of water from a container bigger than he is!


His mom congratulates him


Oreo learning to eat real kitten food at five weeks old


O'Malley and his mouse converse


Steve and Ellen take a quick nap


Sam struts his cool cat stuff




Kitten of the month, T.J. O'Malley


Ellen is a handful


The Rajguy curled up for the night


Oreo, still thinking about the long hard climb


Sleeping brothers Oreo and Sammy D.


O'Malley, kitten extraordinaire


Steve and her Mom clown around


Oreo in a tight squeeze


Rajguy makes his bid to be kitten of the month


The Rajguy...a soulful kitten




Thanks again from all of us to Sherrie and her wonderful family for opening their hearts to our bus kittens! And to the kind people who volunteer their time to animals, never knowing sometimes where a kind word might lead and what miracle it might bring about for deserving animals who cannot speak for themselves. Thanks so much to the SPCA!

If you would like to adopt one of these sweet and beautiful feline friends,
please email us at nomad@ptmc.net, or call 336-853-2791 anytime!


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