5 1/2 Weeks Old - The Bus Kitties Travel Furthur...

Today we spoke to one of our best friends in New York, Jeanine. We adore Jeanine and she has been monitoring the progress of the Bus Kitties by long distance phone calls and email. Matter of fact, we have been bombarding the poor woman with email about how much we would love her to take one of our babies into her home, The Hotel Waterside. The Hotel Waterside is one of our favorite places to visit, the hospitality like no other place we know. We know what a great person Jeanine is and she is definitely family! And we thought, if she would take one, she would be getting a new friend for life...and we would still be able to see one of our kittens regularly, get emails about him, and so on. Having Jeanine adopt one of them is like not even giving them away. So...we are more than delighted to announce that Jeanine and her family, Boots and Xena her two beautiful cats have decided to take Ellen into their family! Makes us want to cry, really! Thanks Jeanine! You have made lots of friends, both furry and otherwise...very happy! And Ellen can't wait to see the sites in New York.

In further kittie news, these guys have taken a major leap in their progress this past week. Although they are still nursing, and happy to be with their Mom, they have advanced and grown a lot more independant, Steve was the first one to master the litter box. She has made it her personal mission to demonstrate how things are done for her brothers. It's amazing that since she started using it, she makes no mistakes at all. Oreo has followed her lead and is now using it regularly himself. All the other boys are picking up the idea and by this time next week, they are probably going to be using it without mistakes. You go Steve!

All of these kittens learned to purr this week, with Sam being the most vigorous about it! Even though he is the smallest and is still behind the others in his eating habits, he is really smart and is learning a lot from his brothers and sister. One thing we did for them was cut a door in their kitten playpen and now, we open it for them when we are around and they are totally having a blast exploring most of the house, with Mom closely supervising. She is a really great Mom, keeping them under control but frequently joining in their cat games and having fun herself. I think that they learn a lot that way. We built a new ramp for them so that they could scale the height of a big cat scratching post and they are using it as a sliding board and the little house at the top as a sort of tree fort. The Rajguy has been running up and sliding down continuously. We have six other rescue cats here and Honey Hi has delighted herself for the past several nights by sitting out of reach, higher on the cat post than the kittens can go...and watching them. She is so funny...looks like all she needs is some popcorn to make the entertainment complete.

Ellen is the lastest BIG news among the group. He is suddenly huge but we aren't sure if it's mostly hair or he's just going to be a really large cat. Although he does some dopey things, like stepping in the food bowl while kitty people are trying to eat, his family loves him anyway. they know that someday, he will be a a giant among cats...look out Jeanine and cat girls!

We have decided that we are going to keep Steve McQueen. She is a precious girl and has stolen our hearts without our even knowing it was coming...go figure! In truth, if we had no other cats, we would likely keep them all because we think that they are special and exceptional kittens and are going to be even better as they get older. For now, we are still hoping that someone will open their heart to the remaining two, Sam and Rajguy. The two of them are amazing kittens. Rajguy is very beautiful with a medium length coat...not really long but not short, He has a lovely white fur collar and the softest expression on his face...a very gentle boy. Sam is full of it. He was the smallest and remains the smallest, but he has a heart that is way big. He keeps up with everyone and frollicks and enjoys himself more than anyone. He has beautiful long black hair and we think he is going to be a beautiful cat when he grows up! Please send us a mail or call if you want to know more.


Sammy races with himself


Dreaming of NYC (Hi Mom)


Oreo and Thomas O'Malley caught in the act




Rajguy wants a hug


Sam conquers the shoe mountain


Calliope Bus and Ellen take a nap


Sweet dreams


Steve McQueen catches some beauty rest


O'Malley tries to get the hang of the circle


Rajguy at the top of the big cat post


The whole bus crew at the top


Honey Hi getting ready to break out the popcorn


The cool kitten fort next to the post


Oreo taking a break from the action


Ellen and O'Malley are worn out


The Rajguy falls asleep in our hands


Sam and his mom


Steve bravely meets Lucy...and her BIG paws


Oreo and Rajguy nap together


Steve world class chair hurdler


Always looking for a new place to sleep


Sam and Ellen, Yin Yang cats


We promised her that we would't use this...but....


A final run before bedtime


Thanks again to our dear friend Jeanine and her family, Boots and Xena for adopting Ellen. We know that he couldn't find a kinder, gentler group and that a great life is just waiting for him. He's coming soon girls so get out the velvet pillow and the kitten treats! Move over Hotel Waterside, look out New York! We love you Jeanine!



If you would like to adopt one of these sweet and beautiful feline friends,
please email us at nomad@ptmc.net, or call 336-853-2791 anytime!


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