6 Weeks Old - The Bus Kitties Learn to Drive!

Well....it has been another event filled week for the Bus Kitties and once again, one filled with joy! We want to say thanks again to our wonderful friend Jeanine for all of her kindness and concern regarding these kittens. We were delighted when she decided to adopt Ellen into her family and as if that wasn't enough of a blessing, she referred friends to our web pages. We were so excited when Jeanine said that one of her friends was interested in a kitten to add to their family....overjoyed that maybe someone else would get a great home! We had an email early last week saying that Jeanine's friend Beth was interested. We are so grateful that others have been so kind in opening their hearts and homes to such deserving, innocent babies. Thank you Jeanine for all of your effort and love! And so...it is with great joy...and great thanks that we announce the following:

Beth and Ilana, already mommies to Chief Moose-Moose and Clarisse, welcome The Rajguy into their home in Queens, New York. They report that their cats are big Mets fans (go Mets), and we think that Rajguy is going to be really happy hanging out on the couch watching Mets games with his new family! Most heartfelt thanks to all of you from Rajguy, his siblings, and his Mom, Calliope...as well as the rest of us here! It is so great that The Rajguy will have a chance to be a part of a loving home with other cat family and Moms who adore him. Again, more thanks than we can express to Jeanine for bringing us all together to do such a kind deed for these kittens. We love you! Ellen and Rajguy are looking forward to traveling to NY together...there's fun in numbers!

We want to send out a special request to anyone who may read this. We have a wonderful baby kitty who is still looking for a really great home. Our little guy, Sammy Davis, Jr.. Sam is a really special kitten. He is a constant source of amusement and fun for his brothers and sister...and for us! We call him the little brother, but he has changed a lot this week, weighing in at 1 1/4 pounds compared to his siblings who all weigh in at 1 1/2. Sam's attitude seems to be that the extra 1/4 pound is nothing. In fact, it really isn't. Sam loves to run and play and has great affection for people as well as for his family. He likes to "cat dance" by himself, keeping up a constant chatter with no one in particular. We think that he picked that up from his mom who constantly "talks" to the litter. He is hilarious and has a gruff guy attitude but in reality, is a big softy. We think that he is going to be a pretty big guy when he grows up and so we are glad that he is so gentle in spirit. He was the last hold out for eating moistened kitten chow as a first food. When he finally decided to start eating solid food this week, he decided to skip the baby cat food...and jumped straight to the big cat food! He thinks he's going to close the 1/4 pound gap in no time! He also is litter box trained having no mistakes now for several days. Again, we would love to keep Sam (and everyone else) but we have six rescue cats...and now Calliope and Steve. So, we are hoping that Sam will also find someone with kindness in their heart and that he can leave us smiling and knowing that he is going to have the wonderful chance at a peaceful life that he deserves. Anyone who wants to talk to us about Sam, please see contact information at the bottom of this page.

This week, everyone has taken a huge stride forward in getting an idea of what being a big cat is all about. They have met most of our other cats and although shy, they are all curious and unafraid. We take them out onto the sun porch in the afternoon for a bit to enjoy the air and sunshine and they seem to like listening to all the new sounds and sniffing the air for unfamiliar things. They are all climbing the big cat post (although not to the top) with confidence and enjoy romping through the house with their Mom...poor thing, she has a big job with six of them. All the kittens are eating solid kitten food (Sam prefers his dry). All of them have started drinking water and seem to really like it. Of course, Ellen was the leader in water consumption....having started a good while back setting a great example for the rest. It has been amusing watching them test the surface of the water bowl with their nose or their paw...quickly getting the hang of it. They seem to love doing things as a group...including using the litter box. Steve continues to be Litter Box Monitor, going in behind her brothers to neaten up an already neat box! She just can't help herself but she seems to totally hold her own in a gang of five boys.

All of these kittens are as sweet as can be. Ellen and Rajguy are both lap cats but we think that O'Malley is the champion lap cat! He waits for us at the door when we have been out and is the first to greet us in the morning...liking to roll over and have his stomach scratched. Oreo seems to be particularly smart. He tends to hang back and watch what the others are doing before he commits himself. Sam likes everything and everybody! He constantly chirps at the group and at himself! It makes us laugh all the time. All of these guys are sweet and loving and we have gotten so much pleasure from each new day with them. It seems sometimes that when you think that you are opening your life to someone...an animal...that you are helping them...and that you are offering them something better. After you have spent time with them, you understand that maybe...all along...it was they who were offering you something. The joy of being with animals is a gift. The opportunity to give them something back is an extra gift. So, for the generous and kind offer of a place to grow up...from each of these kittens...to all who have opened their hearts....Sherrie and Family, Jeanine, and now...Beth and Ilana, thank you all so much. We hope that we have given your new friends a great start and we know that you will do the rest. For that gift, the animals thank you! And please, if you are out there reading this...and you want a wonderful baby kitten, and would like to learn more about Sam...please feel free to call us. Sam says "hey"!


I am Sam, Sam I am


Rajguy sends purrs to his Mommies in Queens


Kitten Crew


Oreo is pleased to meet you


Uh oh...he's awake, he's hungry...and he's looking for bagels!


Steve discovers the joys of ice eating


Thomas J. O'Malley


Sam has a Tupperware party


Rajguy and Oreo play soccer


Oreo guards the big cat post


Steve, Ellen and Oreo


Still waiting.....and don't forget the cream cheese!


A trusting Sam sleeps in our hands


Rajguy cracking up


O'Malley sees things from a different angle


Steve McQueen...a fine lady and her beads


Oreo and Rajguy


The BIG guy takes a nap


O'Malley dangles from the ramp...Steve disapproves


Uncle Kumo & Aunt Lucy discuss kitten capers


Rajguy in his lair


Steve considers which Stevie tunes she wants to hear


Sam owns the small post


Oreo and Calliope come to check things out




Oreo and O'Malley


Raj just hanging out


The "other" BIG guy takes his toys to bed!



Special thanks this week to Beth and Ilana! We are delighted that you and Chief Moose-Moose and Clarisse have decided to add a new family member and that you are adopting Rajguy! He is a great kitten and we know that he will be in a loving home with great friends and family! Thank you for making our wish a reality! And to Jeanine...there is no greater gift than friendship! And we thank you for yours!


If you would like to adopt our friend Sammy Davis, Jr.,
please email us at nomad@ptmc.net, or call 336-853-2791 anytime!


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